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A breakthrough approach for
real time physician documentation and
point of care audio-video communication

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The doctor spends less than one minute per note

Physicians enjoy practicing medicine again

Patient care and satisfaction improve

How It Works

The physician wears our comfortable and patented Communication Unit which functions to:

  • Live stream audio and video to a scribe
  • Receive live audio from the scribe

As the doctor treats patients, the scribe documents directly into the EHR and relays requested information to the physician. At the end of the patient encounter, the physician simply reviews the note and signs.

An artificial intelligence system enhances scribe efficiency.

Everything occurs in real-time as the physician interacts with the patient.
The doctor works with the same scribe every day.

Developed by a team of engineers and doctors working side by side, ScribeLink provides a revolutionary solution to address a major crisis in healthcare – physician clerical burden.

We share your goals: Improved physician efficiency, reduced burnout of doctors, and happier patients.

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