Competitive Comparison


  • We have firsthand knowledge of the problem, including a Physician CEO on a quest to address a major need in healthcare.
  • From the beginning, physicians and engineers worked together in a multidisciplinary team.
  • ScribeLink did not try to take the latest technology fad and force it into healthcare. We built a solution based on four years of research, development, and testing

In-person scribes

  • Excessive workforce turnover- no one wants to orient a new scribe every several months; plus, no guarantee of quality of the next scribe
  • High cost
  • Exam room crowding
  • One more person for the physician to manage, constantly asking, “Anyone seen the scribe?”

Smart glasses with remote scribes

  • Very uncomfortable to wear and poor user experience
  • Lack of two-way audio prevents conversation with scribe
  • Camera on face diminishes eye contact with patients
  • Major technical barriers leading to poor reliability

Fixed room audio – video with remote scribes

  • Much of physician thought process and documentation takes place outside the room
  • Security concerns of having equipment outside of physician control
  • High cost to place equipment in each room

Tablet computer on a rolling stand

  • Does a physician really want to pull a rolling stand around for 10 hours a day?

Artificial intelligence companies

  • Record and store patient visit. How long before hackers breach and release?
  • Computers cannot determine what dialogue is important for the note; these companies still heavily rely on humans editing
  • AI cannot pick up non-verbal cues or document physical exams or procedures by visualization.
  • Stand-alone AI for medical documentation decades away
  • Dr. Gary Marcus has authored a great article on the limitations of artificial intelligence

Voice dictation and Dragon Dictation

  • Not in real-time so physician often falls behind on dictations and has to use their personal time to complete
  • Dragon Dictation, due to need for frequent editing, often takes longer than direct physician data entry.
  • Voice only dictation not in structured format so billing becomes difficult.

Developed by a team of engineers and doctors working side by side, ScribeLink provides a revolutionary solution to address a major crisis in healthcare – physician clerical burden.

We share your goals: Improved physician efficiency, reduced burnout of doctors, and happier patients.

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