Why Us


Reduced physician burnout

  • Decreased clerical tasks with the ability to practice medicine unencumbered
  • Doctor goes home on time
  • No documentation burden at home

Improved revenue

  • 25% increase in physician efficiency – for each doctor, 2 hours saved per day and over 450 hours per year
  • More thorough documentation for greater reimbursement and reduced liability
  • Excellent physician recruiting tool, “Doctor, you will not spend half your day typing into a computer if you join our practice“

Better patient care and satisfaction

  • Attention to the patient, not the computer
  • Physician happiness results in happier staff and improved patient experience

  • Proprietary technology- reliable and tested, comfortable for physician to use, and fits seamlessly into clinicall workflow


  • We employ only career scribes who wish to work with their physician long-term. The physician gets the same scribe every day. The scribe becomes beautifully familiar with the documentation preferences and practice pattern of their physician
  • Our scribes have several years transcription experience plus undergo a rigorous scribe training program. The scribe becomes a great partner in making life easier for the physician and the healthcare organization

  • HIPAA compliant
  • We do not record or store: video, audio, notes, patient demographics, or anything else on our servers.
  • ScribeLink does not interface with or access servers of the customer.
  • Physician controls video and audio streams.
  • Restricted access scribe facility:
    • Fingerprint entry into a locked zone
    • No external electronics
    • Video surveillance


  • Scribes trained specifically for you, including your documentation preferences and EHR system
  • Hardware leasing
  • 24/7 Support
  • Site walk through and detailed needs analysis of your practice
  • ScribeLink staff member at your location as you go live

Developed by a team of engineers and doctors working side by side, ScribeLink provides a revolutionary solution to address a major crisis in healthcare – physician clerical burden.

We share your goals: Improved physician efficiency, reduced burnout of doctors, and happier patients.

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